What’s the difference between a carpet shampooer and a steam vacuum for carpet?

Carpet is a popular item in the family because it helps decorate the house and is also very soft and warm. However, cleaning carpets is very difficult because they are made from fibers that keep dirt and soil.

There are two common types of detergents for home rugs: shampooer or steam vacuum. Depending on the level of cleaning you will choose the type of detergent suitable for carpets. In this article, we will show the difference between carpet shampooer and a steam vacuum.

Overview of using carpet shampooer to clean carpets

Carpet shampooer uses warm water mixed with soap to create a cleaning solution, then you put this solution into a shampooing machine to clean your carpet. As the shampooing machine spins, it pumps the mix into the carpet fibers to break down and vacuum up dirt.

It is important to note that before cleaning the carpet with the carpet shampooer, you must vacuum the carpet to remove dirt. However, using a shampooing machine that contains carpet shampooer can overwet the carpets, prolongs drying time and brushes can damage the thin carpet fibers.

Benefits of using carpet shampooer

  • For carpets that are heavily soiled, carpet shampooer works and is thoroughly cleaned.
  • If the dirt carpet is embedded in the carpet as loose soil, the carpet shampooer will have the effect of completely eliminating these types of dirt.
  • If you rent a carpet and want to clean it after use, the carpet shampooer is the best choice because it is easy to make at home.

Limitations of using carpet shampooer

  • Carpet fibers can be damaged and weakened by the use of a brush to scrub the surface.
  • Detergents containing soap do not wash off completely and remain in the carpet, which can attract more dirt.
  • It will take longer to dry if your carpet is big.

Overview of using a steam vacuum to clean carpets

A steam vacuum for carpet has a powerful system consisting of a pump and vacuum cleaner. Items used for steam vacuum come in many types, such as a wide cleaning wand and a spot steam attachment for spot stains.

Steamers use warm or hot water to break the dirt that sticks to the carpet, which then vacuums the dirt from the fibers with a powerful vacuum and pushes the dirt to the container. A steam vacuum uses a water sprayer to loosen dirt from carpet fibers and a vacuum in the front of the aerosol immediately sucks up dirt.

Typically, carpet steamers often have similar designs, but each type uses a different water temperature. For example, some types of carpet steamers will boil cold water into hot water, in contrast, some types of carpet steamers require hot water to be poured from the beginning.

Advantages of steam carpet mops

  • For wall blinds, steam carpet mops are the best choice because the steam easily maneuvers and approaches areas where large machines cannot clean.
  • Using steam is an effective cleaning method. These streams of steam will cut through stubborn stains, including grease and dirt.
  • Steam carpet mops use only water to help protect your family’s green living environment.
  • The high temperature of hot water also helps to disinfect carpets.
  • In particular, the hot steam kills fleas and any eggs that lie deep in the carpet.

Disadvantages of steam carpet mops

  • For carpets that are heavily soiled and hard, carpet steamers may not be cleaned completely. It can be hard work to get rid of stubborn stains without a cleaning solution.

The comparison between a carpet shampooer and a steam vacuum for carpet

Carpet shampooerSteam vacuum
The shampoo itself is already a cleaning chemical, so the addition of other cleaning chemicals can enhance the cleansing effect.Using hot steam to clean dirt, grease in the carpet.
Carpet and germ allergens may not be completely removed if you use carpet shampooers.Hot steam has the ability to clean and disinfect carpets, helping to kill spores, mold, and germs.
Using shampooers may leave chemical residues in your carpet.Using steam vacuums will not leave chemicals in the carpet fibers because only steam in the vapor form is used to clean the carpet.
Carpet drying time will be extended if you use shampooers to clean carpets.Carpets will dry faster if cleaned with steam.
Shampooers kill fleas but cannot break their eggsThe hot steam will kill fleas and their eggs in the carpet.



In short, before making a decision on how to clean the carpet, you should consider your needs first and make the right decision between shampooers vs. shampooers. steamers. Besides, you should clean the carpet once a week, even 2-3 times a week if your living environment is dusty.

However, the use of shampooers should only be applied after 2-3 months. It’s best to steam or shampoo your carpet before it gets too dirty.

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